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Take The MIRROR Challenge™ with our MIRROR Challenge™ Training Programme or start your MIRROR Challenge™ with The MIRROR Challenge™ Book.

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The MIRROR Challenge™ 
Training Programme

The MIRROR Challenge™ is more than just a programme about improving your skills. It is a self-development, leadership and management tool which provides a structure for individuals, teams and groups to think, plan, do, review and take real action regarding their futures.

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The MIRROR Challenge™ is an engaging programme, with its eye-opening concepts, demonstrations and exercises in managing change that gives individuals and teams the confidence and strategies, needed to become brilliantly successful in business, careers and life. This exciting programme gives you a fantastic opportunity to really challenge yourself.

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The MIRROR Challenge™ Book

'The power of The MIRROR Challenge™ lies in its simplicity'

The MIRROR Challenge™ is aimed at challenging you to challenge yourself. Throughout the book there are a series of questions for you to think about and find answers. Each chapter of the book consists of a series of questions relating to each letter of the word ‘MIRROR’ – to get you to provocatively think about all aspects of your life.

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