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PLM Development Services is a learning, training and development consultancy that offers keynotes, workshops, seminars and training services designed to bring life to the workplace. We have a passion for motivating, inspiring and developing people to personal and professional fulfilment.

Through presentations with real-life application, PLM Development Services helps managers to become successful leaders and effective communicators and companies truly serve their customers.

We are widely known for our refreshing, thought provoking and informative delivery. You will appreciate our innovative and participatory techniques that produce immediate gains in your personal and professional productivity and learning.

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Many organisations find that it suits their needs to incorporate a PLM Development Services event into their own training programmes. We can also design specific training courses to meet your business and individual needs. Topics available include:

  • Career and Personal Development
  • Communication, Personal Impact and Effectiveness Skills 

  • Customer Services 

  • Health, Wellbeing, Care and Community Services 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Programmes
  • Executive Coaching

  • Supervisory and People Management

  • Management Training and Development

  • Leadership Development and Training

  • Outplacement Support for staff – CV Writing, Interview and Presentation Skills

  • The MIRROR Challenge™

  • Team Building and Development

  • Training for Trainers

  • Recruitment and Selection

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