The MIRROR Challenge™ Book

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You may have heard of the bucket or mannequin challenge. Well, long before these challenges was the MIRROR Challenge™ and we face it every day!

The MIRROR Challenge™ is aimed at challenging you to challenge yourself.

Throughout the book there are a series of questions for you to think about and find answers. Each chapter of the book consists of a series of questions relating to each letter of the word ‘MIRROR’ – to get you to provocatively think about all aspects of your life.

There are also a number of MIRROR Challenge Exercises in each chapter as well as a ‘Have a Mirror Moment!’ Exercise. These are for you to complete on your own initially and when you have finished, find a partner, colleague or friend and share the questions and answers with each other.

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The MIRROR Challenge™ Book

The true purpose of the questions and the exercises is to help you get a fresh and new insight as well as a different perspective of who you are and ‘unearth’ the real picture/reflection of you.

Be authentic. You need to be honest, truthful and frank with yourself, or you will end up as someone else and that’s not who you want to be!

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