The MIRROR Challenge for Business™ One Day Workshop 


This is an essential workshop for start-ups, established and growing businesses including:
• Freelancers
• Microbusinesses
• SME's

The workshop explores aspects of The Mirror Challenge for Business™ programme developed by PLM Development Services.

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Course Outline 

Topics covered include:

  • The MIRROR Challenge™ is a business development and management tool which provides a structure for individuals to think, plan and take action for the future. Remember: Think, Ink, Plan, Do and Review.
  • It provides simple tools to enable you to focus on the most important asset of the business...YOU.

  • Delegates and explore how to identify and leverage their personal and business assets.

  • Provides an opportunity for delegates to think and plan for the development of a sustainable business.
  • Enables participants to explore where they are now in their business and life in general.

The more you look in the mirror, the more you will find out about yourself.

So, here’s to looking in the Mirror, taking action and making those changes.

Tools and exercises will be provided so that you can practice the techniques and strategies covered in the workshop. These will also help you to think about strategies for managing and sustaining your business.

Give Your Business The Mirror Challenge

The course is also offered in-house to companies and organisations. Group rates are also available. One-to-one coaching is available to help you apply what you have learnt at the workshop. Develop a clear understanding of your position, purpose and potential in life.

‘The power of The MIRROR Challenge lies in its simplicity’

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