The MIRROR Challenge for Managers™ 

Who Is It For? 

This is an essential workshop on self-management and being an effective manager. It provides the manager with a fantastic opportunity to be ‘real’ about themselves, examine, challenge, make changes and take action in terms of their management skills, styles and strategies. The workshop encourages the manager to do so in a way that helps them to grow as an individual as well as to further enhance their performance and results.

The workshop will explore aspects of the Mirror Challenge for Managers™ programme developed by PLM Development Services. It will identify best management practices as well as examine and discuss the skills, strengths, abilities, knowledge and practicalities of being an effective manager. It provides practising managers of all levels and stages of management, with the foundation for management development and success.

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Workshop Outline: 

  • It makes sense, every once in a while to step back from the fast and changing pace of life and work and to ask yourself - Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing? How am I doing? Where am I going and where do I need to make changes in terms of being a manager? The key to life is management. How are you managing in terms of work and life?
  • It is a self-development, leadership and management tool which provides a structure for individuals to think, plan and take action for the future. Remember: Think, Ink, Plan, Do and Review in terms of your management development.

  • The MIRROR Challenge for Managers™ workshop will provide simple tools to enable you to focus on the most important asset of management ...YOU!

  • Managers are provided with an opportunity to prepare and create new directions, opportunities and possibilities.

  • It aims to assist individuals in making informed choices, decisions and embrace change.
  • Taking action to develop themselves and their management careers, proactively.
  • The MIRROR Challenge for Managers™ provides practical advice on moving on and getting ahead in your career and life in general.

The more you look in the mirror, the more you will find out about yourself.

So, here’s to looking in the Mirror, taking action, making those changes and taking those opportunities!

Give Yourself The Mirror Challenge!

The course is also offered in-house to companies and organisations. Group rates are also available. One-to-one coaching is available to help you apply what you have learnt at the workshop. Develop a clear understanding of your position, purpose and potential in life.

‘The power of The MIRROR Challenge lies in its simplicity’

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