The MIRROR Challenge™ Training Programmes 

Welcome to the The MIRROR Challenge™ Training Programmes. These exciting programmes will give you a fantastic opportunity to really challenge yourself.

The MIRROR Challenge™ – One and Two Day Workshop 

Welcome to a fascinating and empowering session all about you. 
The MIRROR Challenge™
is more than just a programme about improving your skills. It is a self-development, leadership and management tool which provides a structure for individuals, teams and groups to think, plan, do, review and take real action regarding their futures.

Petal reveals to businesses, professionals, managers, staff and individuals their innate ability to create new directions, opportunities and possibilities. It is an in-depth and hands-on programme, where individuals challenge their mind-set and thinking and gain mastery over their abilities and current situations and become their own agents for change.

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The MIRROR Challenge for Business™ One Day Workshop 

Welcome to a fascinating and empowering session all about you and your business. 
This is an essential workshop for start-ups, established and growing businesses including:

 • Freelancers
 • Microbusinesses
 • SME's

The workshop explores aspects of The Mirror Challenge for Business ™ programme developed by PLM Development Services.

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The MIRROR Challenge for Managers™ 

This is an essential workshop on self-management and being an effective manager. It provides the manager with a fantastic opportunity to be ‘real’ about themselves, examine, challenge, make changes and take action in terms of their management skills, styles and strategies.

The workshop encourages the manager to do so in a way that helps them to grow as an individual as well as to further enhance their performance and results.

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The MIRROR Challenge for Children and Young Adults™ 

This is an innovative and a unique personal development workshop for Children and Young Adults. The essential aim of the workshop is finding out about you, using The Mirror Challenge for Children and Young Adults™ programme developed by PLM Development Services. We need to keep on learning about ourselves and others.

Participants need to question themselves. It makes sense, every once in a while to step back from day to day activities and ask yourself – Who I am? What am I doing? Where am I? Where am I going? How am I doing? Where do I need to make changes?

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‘Your Next Best Move’–Training and Coaching Programme 

The programme is specifically designed to support managers and staff who are exiting their organisation’s services. It is geared at helping participants leave the organisation in a positive, pro-active and structured way.

Leaving the organisation offers wonderful opportunities, but is also a major change and/or upheaval for many individuals. The aim is to equip individuals with the skills and techniques to fit emerging job and or business opportunities.

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Looking for effective business development training for your managers and staff?

Talk to PLM Development Services
PLM Development Services is a learning, training and development consultancy that offers keynotes, workshops, seminars and training services designed to bring life to the workplace. We have a passion for motivating, inspiring and developing people to personal and professional fulfilment.

Through presentations with real-life application, PLM Development Services helps managers to become successful leaders and effective communicators and companies truly serve their customers.

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